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Central Executive Committee

Dalit NGO Federation (DNF)
List of board member
S.No. Name  Designation
1 Ramlakhan Harijan  President
2 Bhakta Bishwakarma National Acting President  
3 Nanda Bishwakarma Vice President 
4 Sushil B.K Vice President 
5 Gopal Lakandri Vice President 
6 Hari Shreepaili Vice President 
7 Nirmala Kumari Gupta Badi Vice President 
8 Sharada Swarnakar Vice President 
9 Diwani Ram Lohar Vice-President
10 Dhan Bahadur Mijar Vice President 
11 Dhir Bahadur Wada Vice President 
12 Buddhiram Harijan Vice President 
13 J.B Bishwakarma Secretary General
14 DB Shah Shankar Vice Secretary General
15 Sanju Singh Bishwakarma Vice Secretary General
16 Nara Bahadur Bishwakarma Secretary
17 Nim Bahadur Nepali Secretary
18 Ekraj Lakandri Secretary
19 Jit Bahadur Bishwakarma Secretary
20 Narayan B.K Secretary
21 Santosh Bishwakarma Secretary
22 Jitendra Paswan Treasurer
23 Gajadhar Sunar Ex-President
24 Ramesh Ram Koli Member
25 Rajan Lohani Member
26 Saraswoti B.K Member
27 Naresh Sob Member
28 Rajendra Ram Member
29 Rupa Aauji Member
30 Krishna Bishwakarma Member
31 Ishwori Prasad B.K Member
32 Priyanka B.K Member
33 Bishnu Kumar Darji Member
34 Pharindra Bishwakarma (Dilip) Member
35 Bhim Janala Member
36 Manoj B.k Member
37 Lil Bahadur B.K Member
38 Krishna B.K Member
39 Suresh Gajurel Member
40 Maina Achhami Member
41 Yubraj Darnal Member
42 Laxmi Nepali Member
43 Sabitra Ghimire B.K Member
44 Gajendra Sarki Member
45 Gopal Bahadur Nepali Member
46 Binod Kumar Saphi Member
47 Lalita Devi Ram Member
48 Shivajii Gayak Member
49 Hajari Nepali Member
50 Karuna Laban Member




  • DNF as network organization has presence at 69 districts of Nepal through its member organizations. It has well established offices at central, five development regions, and 10 districts of Nepal. Currently, 344 Dalit NGOs from Hill, Mountain and Terai are affiliated with DNF.
  • DNF has significantly contributed to establish Rights against untouchability caste based and discrimination as fundamental rights of Dalits for the first time in the Interim Constitution of Nepal.
  • DNF along with its national level member organizations were able to introduce separate Dalit chapter in Tenth National Plan of Nepal government (widely known as Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper) for the first time in the country. Thereafter, the government has continuously prioritized Dalit chapter in its following national periodic plans.

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