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DNF has set new strategic directions with commitments for 3 years (2006-2009).

  • Expand member organisations to at least 500 and strengthen them.
  • Promote pro-Dalit polity to ensure Dalit rights/representation in the mainstream socio-political processes.
  • Facilitate and provide legal aid to Dalit organisations and community.
  • Focus on Dalit women, Madhesi Dalits and the marginalized ones within the Dalit communities.
  • Build national and international solidarity to strengthen Nepalese Dalit rights movement.
  • Improve good governance of DNF and its MOs.
  • Focus on DNF's institutional sustainability and human resource development.

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  • DNF as network organization has presence at 69 districts of Nepal through its member organizations. It has well established offices at central, five development regions, and 10 districts of Nepal. Currently, 344 Dalit NGOs from Hill, Mountain and Terai are affiliated with DNF.
  • DNF has significantly contributed to establish Rights against untouchability caste based and discrimination as fundamental rights of Dalits for the first time in the Interim Constitution of Nepal.
  • DNF along with its national level member organizations were able to introduce separate Dalit chapter in Tenth National Plan of Nepal government (widely known as Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper) for the first time in the country. Thereafter, the government has continuously prioritized Dalit chapter in its following national periodic plans.

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